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Welcome to my world!

My name is Eleanor, a certified journal-addict! I love to record my thoughts, feelings, plans, and ideas on empty pages, preserving the memories and keeping them for future purposes.

I am a freelance e-book writer and content writer,  working with various clients in the Philippines and other parts of the world. I can write about anything- from parenting, relationships, finance, DIY guides, YouTube scripts, SEO and digital marketing, press releases, event writeups, and a lot more.

Prior to freelancing, I was a radio/TV personality- Disc Jockey in FM stations, Newscaster/Programmer in AM stations, and Executive Producer/Host of my own cable TV show.

In both worlds, I learned and discovered a lot of things about life, people, and myself. I am still learning and discovering one day at a time. I place my trust in God’s perfect time, when HE brings people and circumstances into my life so I can live purposely and passionately every single day.

This is your journal girl in ELEANOR’S PAGE, checking in!



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