The Journal Girl

Life is a great adventure, journal it!

Welcome to my world!

Hi. My name is Eleanor and I love sharing my ideas. For almost 20 years, I spent my days talking because of my job as radio announcer/ TV Host/ Disc Jock. Now I am still talking but not behind the microphone or in front of a camera, I am speaking through my writings. I took a break from my media works and pursue my passion in writing. Well, basically I am doing this to earn money to finance my son’s college education. It was not easy at first but God sustains me and provides “human angels” who are giving me lots of opportunities to earn through freelance writing.

For more than 3 years now, I am still writing, well let me correct that- I am ghost writing for authors and I am enjoying the challenges of giving what they desire. I believe that I am in this field not just to earn and learn but eventually become a “voice” – to share my own thoughts via my own books. But for now, I am gathering all the nuggets of wisdom to make my own.

Today, I am making a reset of my journey with this new site “TheJournalGirl”. Join me as I travel in LIFE with a a pen and a journal.