Why I Love Coffee

Why I love coffee? I will give you 5 amazing reasons: It awakens my brain cells. When I wake up, my dreamy state of being craves something hot and strong. Hmmm, just the thought of steamy cup of coffee makes me feel good. I need it to kick my creative mind to produce ideas and … More Why I Love Coffee

The Power of Belief

Remember the famous statement of Napoleon Hill, “What mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This is the power of mind. When we believe, we command the mysterious energies around us to manifest our desires. Our thoughts influence our actions and emotions. CREATE EXCITEMENT IN YOUR HEART Be like a child who expects with … More The Power of Belief

The Beginning

  A fresh start. A new beginning. I step forward and I journey in life with a journal in my hand – to write, to discover and to document every significant thing. Save Save