The Power of Belief

Remember the famous statement of Napoleon Hill, “What mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This is the power of mind. When we believe, we command the mysterious energies around us to manifest our desires. Our thoughts influence our actions and emotions.

Be like a child who expects with great anticipation whenever he asks something from his parents. He is excited to receive what he desires. Believe that what you wish will come in exact packaging that you want. Adopt an unshakeable faith that what you want will manifest. Believe without a doubt. Have a big faith. Faith creates miracles.

Be part of the process. Do your part and work for its manifestation. When you believe and you act on it, your desire manifests faster. When you do, the Universe supplies what you need through people and circumstances. This is how God answers your prayer. HE uses vessels to assist you in your endeavors. The favors, the graces and blessings flow into your life.

Everything happens in God’s time. There is no shortcut. HE knows when you need them. This is how the Universe works. There are natural and universal laws that process everything that you send out. The manifestations of your desires will happen according to God’s will. When it is time for its manifestation, no one and nothing can stop it to happen.

I believe that LIFE is meant to be lived and celebrated. We may have different aspirations, ideologies, customs and outlook but we have a common divine gift- LIFE. Are you using it to the fullest? I hope you are! Here are some things that we need to do every day to…

Look good always
Keeping yourself well and healthy is manifesting a good lifestyle. It brings power to your being. When you know you look good, you feel confident. And if you feel confident, you vibrate a strong message of positivity to the Universe. You feel attractive. You feel inspired and motivated to keep on working for your goals. You attract positive people, things and situations. The Law of Attraction keeps pulling good things for you. The stronger your confidence, the better things happen every day. So, always keep yourself feeling looking good with exercise, healthy eating habits, meditation and active lifestyle.

Feel good about yourself
What you feel always affect your thoughts. Emotions greatly influence the quality of your thinking. Negative emotions such as fear, anger and hate can affect the way you think. While positive emotions such as love and affection help you think powerfully. Live a life of gratitude and feel enthusiastic about your life. A healthy, joyful attitude always brings out positive energy that keeps the Law of Attraction in your good side.

Do what you love most
When you are doing what you love, you feel happy and satisfied. Doing a job that you love always brings positive feelings. When you are doing what you love, work becomes easy and stimulating. You always give your best and make sure that you excel in everything you do. Every obstacle is not a stumbling block for you but a challenge to test your willpower. Every act you make is powered with an intense intention to accomplish your tasks with excellence and quality.

Be empowered. Have greater faith.

(Note:  Part of this post is a reprint of my post in my other blogsite

lots of love,

4 thoughts on “The Power of Belief

  1. “Be part of the process. Do your part and work for its manifestation. When you believe and you act on it, your desire manifests faster”. – love this! I’ve been plagued with a lot of self doubts lately and I noticed that the more I entertain these thoughts the more sluggish I become. This quote was a great reminder that believing and acting go hand in hand. Thanks for this post- it was very timely.

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    1. Welcome! Glad to help in my own little way! I also remind myself these things whenever I feel demotivated or confused. Have a meaningful life!


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