Create Your Own Happiness

I believe that happiness is a personal choice so I always choose to be happy instead of being grumpy. Of course, not all days are easy and stress-free but I learn not to allow negativity affects my entire being. I learn to smile through pains, laugh my stress away and create my own happiness.

Creating happiness is not magic. It starts by being responsible for your own happiness and working to attain it. Imagine yourself as the author of your own life story. How would you like your story to unfold or to end? I guess, you want a wonderful, fun and meaningful life story. Everyone does.

Simple secrets to create your own happiness:

• Embrace your whole being

Accepting who you are, your imperfections, your strengths, your mistakes and achievements is the key to happiness. Understanding yourself brings awareness of what you want, what you have and what you can share. Happiness is not only about receiving, it’s also about giving.

• Celebrate your success

You have a string of achievements. Celebrate your victory- minor and major. List them down. Make a journal or album of success. Display your accomplishments in one part of your goal. Create a blog.

• Surround yourself with objects that make you happy

Display your favorite happy quote, photo or any object that makes you smile in your workplace. Hang pictures of place you want to visit. Wear your lucky charms. Place motivating books beside you where you can draw instant boost of inspiration when you need it.

• Nurture your passion

Rediscover your long-lost passion. Look back and find out what makes you happy in the past. Is it writing, painting or teaching? Your childhood dreams usually are bridges to your life’s purpose. Seek and discover it again.

• Try new things

Get out of your comfort zone. Success happens outside your comfortable haven. Experience new things, meet new people, create new goals and enjoy the challenge of the unknown. Overcome your fears and embrace life with confidence.

• Live your life to the fullest

Life is beautiful. Enjoying it every day does not require a lot of efforts. You can do your usual routine, incorporate something new and modify your method as you pursue your goals. Live one day at a time purposely. Live mindfully. Give your best shot every day. Create an impact. Do things that make you happy. If you fail, don’t fret, there is always tomorrow to make amends. If you are afraid, pray and have faith.

• Love

Happiness comes from love. Nurture your loving spirit. Demonstrate your love. Love yourself. Love others. Love your work. Be the vessel of love.

So, get your pen and start creating new happy chapters in your life. One day at a time…..

Lots of Love,

10 thoughts on “Create Your Own Happiness

  1. I agree with you that we create our own happiness. Let us do away with negativities and focus on what we are passionate about. I personally love learning new skills. It’s quite an achievement when we learn something new. Keep on inspiring people 🙂

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