The Essence of Time

Time is a gift.

I love waking up in the morning and unwrap the special package from GOD. Inside it my daily gift – 24 hours. I know everyone has this package too. God is so fair that HE sends us equal period every day. No one has more or less than 24 hours. Now, I will use them to work, to rest, to eat, to workout, to take care of my child, to dream and to write my blog. I can do everything that I want, I need and I wish within 24 hours. I do not worry if I cannot do them all today because tomorrow I expect to receive another package.

Time is gold.

It is essential as the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. When I was younger, I was always in a hurry to achieve my goals. I accept every opportunity to earn, learn and gain success. I became a slave of time. I work around the clock and forget how to relax. Now, that I am older, I realize that time for myself is vital to keep myself healthy. I want longer time to enjoy my life and my loved ones. I want to spend my time pursuing  unfinished dreams, making new goals and living my life to the fullest.

Time is a precious resource

It is the most valuable resource in the world. It is priceless. It cannot be purchased by money or gold. It is perishable. Despite its availability, it cannot be saved or stored for future use. However, you can give spend it to create quality moments with your loved ones. Spend it creating wonderful memories. Once wasted, you cannot recapture precious time. Enjoy time with special people in your life. Use it to travel places and meet new people. Give your time to those who need your attention and affection. The greatest gift you can give to others is your time. You will not know when your time will expire or when theirs cease to tick.

Make time for everything  and everyone especially yourself.

Lots of Love,

The Journal Girl




12 thoughts on “The Essence of Time

  1. Such a lovely post, this is! Time is now underrated – yes, I’m not kidding. Much time are wasted being spent on temporary things (like social media) rather than being invested in eternity (eternal life). You have reminded us of such a beautiful thing that we indeed cannot waste.

    xx Aica B.

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    1. Thank you for your insights! Glad to know that I wrote something that remind you of what life is ….and what lies beyond. More power!


  2. I sometimes feel that I’m wasting too much time sleeping. My day usually starts at 10am and I get productive after lunch. When I was still in school, I was already ready by 5am. It was when I was already in my late 20s that I started sleeping late and waking up late. But if there’s something I’m not guilty of, it’s spending quality time with my loved ones. I make sure that my weekends are reserved for them.

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    1. Well, I guess everyone of us has this “lax” period when we tend to sleep more and wake up late. As long as you can finish all your priorities then it’s fine. You know yourself better so don’t be guilty when your body is asking for more rest time. And the quality time with your loved one is a great thing!


  3. It’s the thing right now, we forget that we are humans. We strive for greatness at the sacrifice of sleep or rest. Time is gold, it’s true yet health is wealth as well. If we are not well, we cannot function or do our best. It’s also not that bad to take some time off and just recharge.

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