Spirit World- Is It Real?

The spirit world is called the home of souls, spirits or supernatural entities. It is believed that during solstice, the physical and spirit world are very near to each other. It is the time when humans can go to spirit world and entities can manifest themselves in our world. Man can also communicate to their departed loved ones through a medium who has the ability to call spirits in the other realm during this period.

The spirit world is also called heaven. It a beautiful, peaceful dwelling place for enlightened spirits. It a mystical dimension where the cycle of beginning and ending is in constant motion. In spirit world, everything is timeless.

The spirit world was created a long time ago, billions of years before humans were created by God. Every person on earth was once a formless spirit in the spirit world. It is believed that when the spirit is ready to undergo a human cycle, it is given a unique life path based on its karma.  The Law of Karma decides what kind of life the spirit will have.  When spirit begins life on earth, he undergoes a normal human cycle. The memory of his former dwelling fades. A new pattern of thoughts is formed as he grows old.

There are billions of spirits which are sent to the world to live. Jesus was the only spirit-person who was created to dwell among men and save good people from sins. He was anointed as King and Son of God. Jesus lived on earth with divine mission to spread the love of God. HE suffered for the salvation of souls.


There are two zones in the spirit world – light and darkness. They are both energies.

The light is love. The darkness is selfishness, wickedness and ego.

To save spirits from demotion and engulfed by darkness, God created human forms to become the reservoirs of spirits. Spirits who gain good karma after several lives become enlightened souls. And when they die as enlightened persons, their spirits become sacred and cannot be corrupted by darkness.


spirit 1


The spirit world has 3 major formless entities:

  • Angels – They are the original spirits who choose to enter human bodies to avoid darkness. They are allowed to transform into sacred spirits after physical sufferings. When they become humans, their inner spirits or souls are safe from darkness. However, they can be tempted by selfishness and arrogance acts that they may manifest on earth.
  • Sacred Spirits – They are the archangels. They die as enlightened souls. They are also known as holy spirits, guardian angels or spirit guides. They are guardians of spirits who become humans.
  • Demons – They are the lower entities that darkness has corrupted from the group of original spirits.


When angels incarnate, their mind becomes blank and empty. They are born as infants without any memory of their past existence. They become vulnerable to influences and temptations. This is the reason why they are given spirit guides. Each of them has assigned spirit guide.

The forces of darkness (demons) know where the angels are in this world. They are in constant quest to prevent humans from seeking spiritual enlightenment. They use the power of media and often dwell in religion, culture, commerce and politics. They manipulate people by stimulating ego, pride, envy and other deep-seated emotions. They are masters of deception and know how to trick or lure people into their web of evil ways.

Spirit guides keep these angels on the right path so they can fulfill their specific divine mission on earth. They are the unseen guardians which keep humans from succumbing to the lure of demons. It is believed that every person will have 4-7 spirit guides during his lifetime. One of them is the primary guide (guardian angel). Others come later as they pass through childhood and teenage life.

Spirit guides have specific assignments to help you during difficult times. They protect you from harm and help you cope up with life. They will nudge you towards your life purpose and will whisper when you are not consistent in your efforts to follow your calling.  They will gently guide you with intuitive messages that you sometimes ignore as unimportant. Spirit guides will bring helpful people and resources. When you have problems they will lead you to proper solutions.

Spirit guides want people to be spiritually-attuned and divine to invoke the great favors of God. They want human hearts to have love and humility. These emotions allow them to lift the veil of deception and make humans see the truth of any situation.

Your spirit guide is with you 24 hours a day until death. The knowledge that you are never alone is a relief and a revelation of the mystery of life. Your master guide stays with you always while others come and go depending on the goals you need to pursue. They are energies and come you need help. They connect with your own energy and assist you. They see everything that you are going through and when they see you struggling, they act and guide you by doing the following:

guide 1

  • Spirit guides send you signs – They make delays so you avoid accidents. They send people to warn you of potential harm. They arrange synchronized events and lead you to the right direction.

guide 2

  • Spirit guides empower your gut – They send strong and sudden mental message. The message is always accompanied with strong feelings. If you feel confused with overwhelming feeling, relax for a while and analyze the situation before making a decision.

guide 3

  • Spirit Guides provide insights or flashes – Your spirit guides can send you visual flashes or vivid mental images. It usually happens during near-death experiences or crucial moments. Better check all facts and details before going through your travel or decision-making to avoid errors.

guide 4

  • Spirit guides put significant people in your path– Do you wonder why all of a sudden you meet a long-lost friend or someone from the past comes back in your life? Usually the encounter happens after you think about the person. It is your spirit guide’s way to redirect you into your life purpose. Your guardian angel set the meeting to help you remember your mission on earth. This person is connected to your purpose or the one who is vital to becoming who you need to be.

guide 5

  • Spirit guides arrange things –You have your own free will and your spirit guides respect them. But when they need to call your attention, they will arrange series of motion to lead you to the direction they want you to be. If you do not understand the clues, they will do more things that usually make you restless. The best option to do is to surrender and allow things to happen naturally.

guide 6

  • Spirit guides give comfort and assurance – When everything is in chaos, they can make you feel safe and warm. They can bring creative suggestions and sudden spark of inspirations. They do it through books, shows or situations that give you insights to resolve your personal dilemma.

guide 7

  • Spirit guides enhance your being- They can help you develop your inherent spiritual, psychic and healing abilities. They will help you develop your higher consciousness and get you closer to God.

guide 8

  • Spirit guides protect you at all times – Your guardian angel (main spirit guide) comes with you when you were born and left with you when you die.

Cultivate a closer relationship with your spirit guide and you’ve got another loyal, helpful best friend for life!

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Lots of Love,

The Journal Girl



4 thoughts on “Spirit World- Is It Real?

  1. Interesting points here… It’s fascinating how supernatural entities make their way into normal conversations at times don’t you think? While I don’t really believe in spirit guides, I DO believe in God and the Bible. I agree that we’re really never alone, and it’s truly comforting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you about GOD because I am a believer. I believe God loves us much that HE will never forsake us. Thanks!


    1. Well, that is cool! I guess, everything works in perfect rhythm and we encounter things in purpose and things happen for a purpose….


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