Love and Law of Attraction

Are you still searching or waiting for your soulmate? I know this question has become one of the most asked questions when people discuss relationship. For those who found their one, true love- I am happy for you! And for those who are still looking around or praying for Mr./Miss Right, this post is for you.

One of the most powerful Universal Laws is Law of Attraction. It operates on the concept that positive attracts positive and vice-versa. This law attracts what your heart desires. However, your strong intention and positive thoughts are essential to attract its manifestation in the physical plane.

So, are you ready to attract your true love using the power of Law of Attraction? If your answer is yes, continue reading.

“Believe that true love exists”

love 1

First, you need to believe that there is true love. If you do, you would understand that all failed relationships in your life are meant to teach you lessons and prepare you for one true love. You need to start longing for a higher-level kind of love, not just any type of love. You want to meet “the one”- someone who will bring you ultimate happiness and connect with you in all aspects. A soul mate.

When you truly believe, the Law of Attraction is in full throttle. It begins its quest among those with the same level of energy. Like you, many people are seeking for their soulmates. One of them can be your match.

“Visualize your ideal partner”

love 2

It is important that you know what you want. Be aware of the power of your choice. The Universe responds to the intentions you send out. So, send your wish, prayer or intention clearly. Visualize your soulmate with  specifics you want his/her to possess. Be as specific as possible- from physical attributes to intellectual and behavioral qualities you want this person to have. Once the image is formed in your mind, throw it gently to the Universe.  Let go with intense expectation and trust its manifestation.Sustain your wish with prayers and faith that the Universe will deliver this special person at the right time.

When you send out powerful thoughts, the Universe vibrates to match your desire and picks someone who is attuned to you. Ideally, your soul mate will be the one who is already ready to meet you.


“Remove the obstacles”

love 3

Use the “waiting period” to release the pains, regrets and other negative emotions that you still harbor in your heart. It’s time to let go and start with fresh perspectives. Let go of guilt feelings you have accumulated, fears and heartaches that keep you away from living a happy life.

Getting rid of emotional baggage will help you form a better relationship. When you embrace a new life which is free from clutters of the past, you start living positively. You open your heart wholeheartedly to new people and experiences. You see life in a new perspective. You learn to trust again.

“Heal your heart”

love 4

Make a commitment to let your heart heals. Release old memories. Unburden your heart with heavy emotions.Forgive yourself and your ex. Eliminate guilt, resentments and everything related to your past relationships. You need to unload everything and empty your heart. You need a new heart – a reservoir of fresh emotions and positive feelings.

The healing process will be completed once you meet your soulmate. A true soulmate will help you forget what has been.

“Affirm your love for yourself”

love 5

Waiting time is your special time to love yourself. Accept and appreciate your own life, your strengths and weaknesses. Know yourself better and alter your self-limiting habits.  Release your insecurities and inhibitions. Allow your true self to come out.Recreate your life and embrace a new you. Become someone who is equal to your ideal mate.

Sending messages that you are preparing for his/her coming will make the Law of Attraction works faster.

“Use love mantras”

love 6

You need to back up your intentions. Aside from prayers and visualization, you can practice affirmations. Create your own love “mantra” to attract your mate faster. Pick one that is strong enough and send your message to the Universe. Say it many times in a day and put your feelings in the statement. Be enthusiastic and positive. Anticipate like a child who is waiting for a Christmas gift.

Believe that the Universe is now looking for your ideal love companion.

FINALLY, BE READY to welcome your soulmate –

 “Beware of many choices”

love 7

When you send a message that you are ready to love again and waiting for your soulmate, you cannot escape the possibility that others will be attracted to your positive energy. Stick to your belief that your one true love will come and others are just choices. Be strong in your resolve to wait for “the one”. Do not settle for less. Expect the best.

The Law of Attraction sends other people who are looking out for possible mate too and it will bring some confusion in your life. So, beware when it happens.

 “Listen to subtle message of the Universe”

love 8

Love moves in mysterious ways. Be sure to listen to subtle messages of the Universe. Remember that your ideal mate will not fall from heaven. You will meet him/her in this physical plane in ways that can be magical or simple. The important thing is to keep an open heart and mind so you will know “the one”. You  need to be ready to welcome this special person you wished for.

Leap with faith and act on messages that seem so persistent. Listen to hints such as being invited to unexpected gatherings, traveling to a new place, meeting a stranger and many other things. Act on these hints and find out if you will finally meet your ideal mate.

“Be ready for love”

love 9

Love comes unexpectedly so be ready for love. Have room for love in your life. Part of your commitment to welcome your ideal mate is to have a space and time for him/ her. Being ready for love and lasting relationship is a commitment to be with this special person at all times. It means being committed in all ways possible so be really sure that it is what you want.

Start living with love while waiting for your great true love!

Lots of Love,

The Journal Girl


10 thoughts on “Love and Law of Attraction

  1. LOA is an interesting topic. Although I don’t necessarily believe in this law, like believing that money can come your way by the mere thought of it, I can see why people do believe in it. Positive thinking prompts action, which is required to see change happen. That is what is what it comes down to for me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree on that point Danielle. Money won’t manifest without the person’s ability to make money with positive thinking and positive action. LOA in my opinion operates on the concept that if you positively believe, you can manifest. But just mere wishing of money won’t give us money. Thanks for your comment.


  2. I’ve always been a firm believer of the laws of attraction. Just the mere thought of it makes me feel and spread positivity in an instant. Like love has always been a part of this belief and I agree that when you have a free and healed heart, then true love may come your way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I cannot agree more. I have just started reading the book, The Secret, and it talks about the Law of Attraction. I guess, it is true, we attract what we think. We attract what we pray for and all we have to do is be open and keep space in our lives for it, whether it is love, success, happiness, or wealth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. God grants what we wish for especially when we ask for it from the bottom of our hearts. We just need to keep the faith and believe that it will manifest at the right time. Thank you


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